Let the games begin!!

As this year’s Old School Games begin, we want to send a big thank you to the High School Class Reps. You guys did an amazing job getting everyone hyped for this week’s OSG. Your theme reveals all week long on the 8:02 LIVE show were great, the banners are awesome, and Friday’s assembly was wonderfully energetic.
We want to especially thank the Seniors for your willingness to cooperate with and support the safeguards we put in place surrounding your “Senior Purge.” Showing up 90 minutes before school started so each toy water gun could be inspected, everyone could receive a briefing on what was permitted, and then following our guidelines throughout the event demonstrated your commitment to the long legacy of Senior leadership at North Pointe. 
As many of you already know, the Senior Class Reps taking over our preptv studio and the Senior Purge were not random acts that occurred in the middle of the school day. These events were part of our 8:02 LIVE show that airs each and every school day. The Junior Class Reps participated in a Paint War on the previous day’s show. No reasonable person would say that because of that show there was a possibility that our students would show up the next day and throw paint at each other. Likewise, our Sophomore Class Reps played Piñata on Wednesday’s show. Again, we did not experience a break-out of Piñata smashing during school the next day. If the ‘politically correct’ standard of what should happen on the 8:02 LIVE show is going to be dictated by fears that what happens on the show might be replicated, we would have to cancel many of our segments, including our popular Falcon Jam segment where teams/groups are driven around campus and through our plaza area signing their favorite song (to date, we haven’t had a single student attempt to imitate that segment by driving through the campus plaza). Games and pranks are a part of our 8:02 LIVE show culture and our students understand and enjoy them.
We have received three concerns about this incident through our feedback platforms (Student Concern Reports, Parent Inform Us Submissions, Email) and each one of those concerns will be valued, respected, and responded to just like any other concern we receive. However, we will not value, respect, and respond to those outside the North Pointe family (individuals, organizations, media) who may attempt to intimidate us into accepting their personal agendas and re-interpretations of what happens during our 8:02 LIVE shows. The voice of one Falcon, in agreement or disagreement, carries far more importance to us than the noise of thousands who do not understand who we are and the unique culture we enjoy.