Student-Check In and Faculty Meet and Greet

Student Check-In takes place today 1pm – 5pm.  Students will have the opportunity to drop off/fill out necessary forms, pick up their class schedule, pick up Online Academic Resource information, and get student parking permit information.  Student Check-In will also be available on Friday, 7/28 from 7:30 am – 10am for those unable to make it today.

We also have our Faculty Meet and Greet taking place tonight 6pm – 8pm.  Students and parents will have the opportunity to meet their students teachers and learn more about our campus!


Welcome Week!

Tomorrow, 7/24, is the start of North Pointe’s Welcome Week.

  • 7/24- Fall Extracurricular Student/Parent Meeting, 6pm
    • Prior to each season (fall, winter, spring) students and parents will be able to meet the athletic coaches and arts group leaders.  Plan on attending this meeting if you’re considering playing a sport of being part of an arts group.
  • 7/25- New Family Orientation, 6pm
    • New students and parents will attend a required one-hour New Student Orientation class where they will be introduced to North Pointe’s unique culture, discuss North Pointe’s expectations, and review North Pointe’s Student Handbook.  New students who do not attend this meeting will be required to watch a video of the meeting prior to attending class on their first day of school.
  • 7/26- Kick and Slide Event for 7th Graders, 6pm
    • 7th grade students enrolled at North Pointe for the 2017-2018 school year are invited to attend this event.  The event is free and in addition to enjoying the fun, students will have the opportunity to interact with Seniors who are involved in North Pointe’s mentoring program.
  • 7/27- Student Check-In, 1 pm – 5pm
    • Students who do not attend Student Check-In will not be attending class at 8 am on their first day of school.  Instead, they will meet at the office beginning at 9:30 am on their first day of school and turn in the forms, pick up class schedules and receive access codes.
  • 7/27- Faculty Meet and Greet, 6 pm – 8 pm
    • The campus will be open and students and parents will visit classrooms and meet teachers.
  • 7/28 – Student Check-In, 7:30 am – 10:00 am
    • See info above.

We have an action packed week ahead of us!

Welcome Week Information

We can’t believe summer break is over and Welcome Week is almost here! North Pointe’s Welcome Week is scheduled for the week of July 24th – 28th.  Welcome Week information was mailed out last week to all enrolled students.  The Welcome Week information included:

  • Welcome Week Schedule
  • Student Handbook Upgrades
  • Extracurricular Tryout/Audition Schedules
  • Student Handbook Signature Form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Athletic Consent Form
  • Eligibility Form (NCLB)

If you have not received your Welcome Week information please contact the school office as your address may need to be updated.

We look forward to seeing everyone during Welcome Week!