Fully Staffed!

I’m thrilled to announce that (as of this afternoon) North Pointe is fully staffed for teachers for the upcoming school year!

The English, science, social studies, and special programs departments have each welcomed one new faculty member. The math department has been joined by two seasoned teachers who are returning to Pointe Schools.

The weightlifting and conditioning coach has already started working with our athletes. The new dance teacher has already set up her room, and the new Choir/Guitar/Piano teacher (who happens to be a former NP parent) came by today to take inventory and start organizing things.

The list of faculty names is up to date on the website and we’ll be adding e-mails for the new faculty as soon as we get them set-up.

Thank you to Mrs. Richards, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Varner, Mrs. Curfew, ¬†Ms. Gardner, and Mrs. Goslin for helping us find these passionate, seasoned professionals who each have the “North Pointe spark”!


Dr. Williamson



We’re Listening

I had the opportunity to spend some time in the freshman classes last week and I asked them 2 questions:

1) What do you love about North Pointe and hope never changes?

2) What do we need to improve upon/change?

Every class agreed that the four competition weeks are an important part of their student experience. Staff involvement, the morning show, BBQ in the Park, and the Stations also received positive feedback.

Many students thought we should bring back some things, including: the 4A Days (North Pointe students used to go to our elementary schools four days a year to help run events based on Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Activities), yearbooks, and offering Speech & Debate as a class. Students also expressed a desire for us to expand preptv, offer more foreign language options, provide more support for the fine arts department, add new items to the Prep Cafe, increase our AP class offerings, and to generally improve communication. Students also pointed out several items I’ve added to Rick’s Repair List.

Thank you to all the students who engaged in the conversations with me! As I explained in some of the classes, North Pointe exists because of conversations I had with my students in the late 1990s. But most of those students didn’t have the opportunity to actually attend North Pointe. As current students, you play an important role in not only improving your own experience, but in helping the Prep continue to grow so that it is even better for the next generation of Falcons.


Dr. Williamson