Graduation Update

Our contact heard back from the governor’s office, and we are going ahead with the graduation ceremonies as planned this Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Our officers will be present to keep us safe and have notified our local police precinct of the graduation celebrations.
Here are some details:
  • Guests may park in either the north (student) parking lot or the south (office) parking lot.
  • The alley will be open at 6:45 pm.
  • The south gates (by the front office) will open at 7:30 pm for the 7:30 pm session and at 8:30 pm for the 8:30 pm session (yes, the session time is for the time the gates open, not the time the ceremony starts – Although the sun goes down at 7:30, we need it to be dark in order to see the student videos). 
  • We will begin each graduation session after all the guests have been temperature checked and seated. 
  • Each guest table is pre-assigned. Look for the table with you graduate’s name (maximum of 8 people per graduate). 
  • Please stay seated during the ceremony.
  • Please bring your own water bottles. The drinking fountains will be closed off and we will not have extra water bottles available. 
  • We would like to minimize the bathroom traffic. The breezeway/theatre bathroom will be open for emergencies. 
  • After the ceremony, please exit the campus through the field gate (by the north (student) parking lot. 
  • Graduates need to arrive at 7:00 for the 7:30 session and at 8:00 for the 8:30 session. 
  • Graduates should wear their cap/gown for any session they attend (no cap/gown = no bleacher seating).
  • Graduates may park in either the north (student) parking lot or the south (office) parking lot.
  • The alley will be open at 6:45 pm.
  • Enter through the south gate (by the front office).
  • 7:30 graduates, and 8:30 graduates who will be watching the 7:30 pm session: check in with Mr. Gundersdorf on the upper deck of the 200 building between 7:00 and 7:15 pm.
  • 8:30 graduates who are not attending the 7:30 pm session: check in at 8:00 pm with Tim on the upper deck of the 200 building.
  • The cap tassel starts on the right (I’ll tell you when to move it to the left).
  • Wear comfortable shoes (no heals, please!) – you’ll walk down the 200 building stairs during the processional and the long way around the 4A building to get to the stage, and the steps up to the stage are awkward.
  • Please bring your own water bottles. The drinking fountains will be closed off and we will not have extra water bottles available. 
  • We would like to minimize the bathroom traffic. The breezeway/theatre bathroom will be open for emergencies. 
  • Please watch the graduation tutorial before you walk!

For those who cannot attend, we will be live-streaming the graduation sessions on North Pointe’s Youtube channel.

I look forward to seeing you at graduation!

Dr. Williamson

Graduation and Governor’s Curfew Order

North Pointe senior family,

This afternoon, Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order that imposed a week-long limited curfew for the entire state beginning at 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

See the declaration here:

I’m in communication with our school safety officers and I am seeking clarification from the Governor’s office about whether North Pointe is allowed to have our graduation ceremony this week. Of course, I will send out an update as soon as I know more.

I promise to not give up on making sure our seniors have a proper graduation celebration!!


Dr. Williamson


North Pointe Update

Course Selection Update – We are still hoping to open the student course selection process through FamilyLink next week. However, the end-of-the-year roll over may take longer than anticipated, so it may be delayed a extra week. I will send an update by the end of the day on Thursday, June 4th.
Summer Office Hours – 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday – Thursday. The office is closed on Fridays. We will be closed the week of June 29th – July 3rd.

Graduation – We are excited for next week’s graduation ceremonies! I’ll be sending out more information on Monday, but here is some basic information:

  • Seniors
    • If you did not respond to the survey about which graduation sessions you planned to attend, we are assuming you will not attend any of them (including the one you were scheduled to walk). If you do plan to attend, fill out the survey immediately and e-mail Mrs. Barnes.
    • The rehearsal video will be in Mrs. Barnes’ Google Classroom by Monday night. You need to watch it before you come to graduation.
    • Please do not wear high heals to graduation. The step onto the stage is an awkward height and we don’t want anyone to fall!
  • Families/Guests
    • Families/guests will enter the graduation area through the gates by the front office. Staff will use an infrared thermometer to check temperatures before you may enter the campus. No one with a temperature 100 degrees or above will be admitted.
    • Each graduate will be randomly assigned one table for their guests (8 people maximum). When you enter the plaza, look for the table with your graduate’s name on it.
    • Each ceremony will be live-streamed on North Pointe’s U-tube channel. Families are also welcome to livestream/Zoom the ceremony (from their assigned table) for friends/family who cannot attend.
Dr. Williamson

North Pointe Athletic COVID-19 Prevention

The following guidelines will be implemented across North Pointe Athletics for students who participate in summer workouts and practices:

Phase 1: Initial return to campus

Duration: 2 to 3 weeks as practice schedule dictates

  • A student must be present during all scheduled workouts during Phase 1 in order to remain with the group. Attendance will be recorded daily.
    • This means that students who miss practice time will remain in phase one until they have met the requirements to move on to phase 2.
  • Students must come dressed to work out (the locker room will be closed).
  • Students must bring their own water/water bottle (no sharing). Water will not be provided and drinking fountains will not be available.
  • Before a student enters campus, a coach will check their temperature (using an infrared thermometer). Anyone with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will not be permitted on campus (athletes sent home for consecutive days will not be allowed to return without verification they are not positive for COVID-19).
  • Students will complete core lifts in groups of no more than 3 (1 lifter/2 spotters).
    • Every other rack will be left empty to ensure proper social distancing.
  • Students will do auxiliary lifts outside or in the hallway to increase distance between athletes.
  • Weight room doors will be open (fans will be used to cool athletes and keep air flow).
  • Students will sanitize equipment before and after use.

Phase 2: Continuing workouts with increasing but limited physical contact

Duration: 1 week

  • All policies and requirements of Phase 1, plus introduction of sport-specific items (e.g., football, volleyball, baseball/softball, bats).
    • Items will be sanitized frequently if handled by multiple students.
    • Students with their own equipment (bats, gloves, etc) are encouraged to bring and use their own items.

Phase 3: Complete return to normal

Duration: Continuous, unless we have a confirmed COVID-19 case.


For any questions or concerns about any of these protocols, please reach out to the sport’s head coach, or Athletic Director, Jordan Scott (




Class of 2020 Graduation Celebration

Class of 2020 Graduation Celebration
North Pointe Prep Plaza
June 2nd and June 3rd at 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm (4 sessions)

North Pointe’s Graduation Celebration for the class of 2020 will be held outside in the North Pointe Plaza on June 2nd and June 3rd. To accommodate as many family members as possible while maintaining the recommended social distancing protocol, we will have 4 graduation sessions (7:30 pm and 8:30 pm each night).

Guests – Each graduate will have 1 round picnic table for their family/guests (maximum of 8 guests, and those guests will be sitting close to each other at the same table). The tables themselves will be spaced 6 feet apart.

Graduates – will sit in the bleachers (6 ft apart). Graduate groups will be assigned to one of the 4 sessions (approximately 25 graduates per session). However, there is enough room on the bleachers for the graduates to be able to attend all of the graduation sessions, not just the ceremony where they walk.

On Friday, May 22nd we will notify seniors and their families which date and time they have been assigned to. Because of the complexity of the scheduling, we will not be accepting requests.

Cords – Graduates who have earned cords will be presented with their cords as part of the graduation ceremony. 

Praestantia Awards – Graduates who have earned Praestantia Awards will be recognized as such during the ceremony. However, the awards themselves won’t be presented that night (they probably won’t be ready until the end of June).

Safety protocol
Temperature Checks – All graduates and guests will be temperature checked before they enter the graduation, and people with elevated temperatures will not be allowed to participate.
Facemasks – because this is an outdoor venue with plenty of space, we will not require face masks.

Graduation Practice – We will send the students a graduation “how to” video in lieu of a practice.

Cap and Gown Pick-up

Please see following e-mail from Balfour regarding cap & gown, and graduation announcement pick up:
Dear North Pointe Prep Senior,

We are definitely experiencing some unprecedented times and our hearts go out to you and all you are going through with losing part of your senior year.

Your cap & gown units and graduation announcements have arrived and we are planning a drive-thru delivery from 9:30 am – 11:30, Wednesday, May 6th in the north parking lot (student parking lot).

The directions for the delivery are as follows:

• A-M – Students whose Last Name begins with A-M may arrive between 9:30 – 10:30 am.
• M-Z – Students whose Last Name begins with M-Z may arrive between 10:30 – 11:30 am.
• Students who cannot make it during their scheduled time may come anytime between 9:30 am -11:30 am.
• Pull up to the curb in the north (student) parking lot. There will be a Cardinals pop-up tent set up with tables.
• Roll down the window and show the student’s ID. If you need someone else to pick-up your items, provide them with a written, signed letter authorizing pick-up (Balfour will keep the letter).
• We will hand the product to the student/parent through the car window.

***No student or parent should exit the car and no congregating in the parking lot.***

Other than handing you your product(s), we will adhere to the social distancing guidelines.

Interested in purchasing a gown or other graduation supplies? Please visit
Please direct any questions to


The Balfour Expressions Team

Distance Learning Update

North Pointe Family,
On behalf of North Pointe’s teachers, administrators, and staff, I need to start by saying – – “We miss our students!!” Many of us have been on campus for the past 2 days (keeping at least 6 feet away from each other), and the school feels eerily quiet.

As you are aware, all Arizona schools are currently closed through April 10th. We do not know if the closures will be extended again, but we will make sure to inform you as soon as we know anything,

Distance Learning: Monday, March 30th – Pointe Schools will begin providing distance learning for our students. Most teachers are using Google Classroom, but there are some other platforms being used as well. 

Student emails and Google Classroom: All North Pointe Students have a student e-mail ( Students log into their student e-mails and Google Classrooms on (upper right hand blue ‘sign in’). Teachers with Google Classrooms have already sent out “invitations” to students. If you did not get an invitation, please e-mail the teacher directly (emails are on the website under the ‘Academics’ tab at the top of the page). Most Google Classroom information can be accessed via apps on iPhones and Androids, in addition to tablets and computers. Here are 3 videos other parents have found helpful:
Weekly schedule: To simplify the work-flow for students and families with multiple students, all teachers will provide online work by 8:00 am each Monday and student work will be due by 2:30 the following Monday. This will be our weekly cycle through the school closures. 

Amount of work: Each teacher has been asked to provide approximately 2 hours worth of learning & work per class per week. Because North Pointe students have six classes per semester, students will have about 12 hours of learning and work per week (AP students can expect to have more work than 2 hours a week). 

Student check-in: This week, teachers reached out to students through students’ e-mails and Google Classrooms. If teachers didn’t receive a response, we have been reaching out to parents via email and phone. 
Paper-based work: Parents who have requested paper-based work can pick it up in the front office on Mondays between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm.

To reduce the possibility of COVID19 transmission, we ask that students email the completed work directly to the teacher by 2:30 pm on the following Monday. Most smartphones can be used to scan and e-mail a document. On an iPhone, go into ‘Notes,’ click the ‘Camera’ icon, and scan documents to be saved in a PDF format. On an Android, some of our people have had great success using the app TinyScanner and then emailing the PDF to the teacher.  

Special education services: Special education teachers have been contacting families this week regarding their specific schedules and student’s needs.

The teachers, staff, and I want to make sure that you know we are doing everything we can to ensure our students continue to progress academically while also keeping in mind that families have different resources and needs during this unprecedented time. We are working hard to balance clarity and consistency with flexibility. We are all having to adapt to a different way of doing things, but I’m confident we’ll get through it together.  

Social Media: We are working on ways to stay connected with our students through social media and Zoom. Please keep an eye on North Pointe’s social media platforms (facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube). 

Prom and graduation: We have not cancelled prom or graduation. We will notify you as soon as possible if we are forced to make other plans. 

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be scheduling some Zoom “town hall” style meetings for groups of students – Grade-level teachers will send students information on dates and times. 
Please feel free to e-mail me directly ( with questions. We hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy, and are finding ways to stay connected to the people you care about. 

Dr. Jody Williamson
Principal, North Pointe Prep