2nd Quarter Wednesdays

To accommodate the hybrid schedule with half of the students on-campus and half of them online, we are changing up what happens on Wednesdays.

During 2nd quarter, the campus will be closed to students on Wednesdays and all student will do asynchronous online learning. That means work and assignments for the day will be posted in each teacher’s Google Classroom and students will not be required to log into Zoom each class period.  

Attendance on Wednesdays will be taken via a Student Check-In Form, which will be emailed to students each Wednesday morning.

Teachers’ Wednesday office hours will be posted in their Google Classrooms. 

Emails sent home today

This afternoon, we sent confirmation emails to the email parents provided when they filled out the Second Quarter Sign-Up Form. The email came from nmendoza@pointeschools.org and confirmed whether the student will be returning to campus 2nd quarter or continuing online. If you did not receive the email this afternoon, please check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, please reach out to Nancy Mendoza (nmendoza@pointeschools.org) or call the school.

Class/Bell Schedule

Monday – Thursday Bell Schedule

Period 1 8:00 – 8:55

Period 2 9:00 – 9:55

Period 3 10:00 – 10:55

Period 4 (JH) 11:00 – 11:55

HS Lunch 11:00 – 11:30

Period 5 (HS) 11:35 – 12:30

JH Lunch 12:00 – 12:30

Period 6 12:35 – 1:30

Period 7 1:35 – 2:30

Tutoring 2:35 – 3:25

Friday (and half day) Bell Schedule

Period 1 8:00-8:38 am

Period 2 8:43-9:18 am

Period 3 9:23-9:58 am

Period 4/5 10:05-10:40 am

Period 6 10:45-11:20 am

Period 7 11:25-12:00 pm

August 11, 2020 COVID-19 FAQs

Are you starting on-campus classes on August 17th like you planned?



According to the Department of Health Services dashboard, Maricopa County has not met the three (3) benchmarks for two (2) weeks in a row for schools to be able to safely provide on-campus, teacher-directed instruction (https://www.azdhs.gov/preparedness/epidemiology-disease-control/infectious-disease-epidemiology/index.php#novel-coronavirus-schools).

So, when will Pointe start on-campus classes?

To provide our families and teachers with stability, our Board has made the difficult decision for all classes to remain online through the first quarter (through October 2nd). The Board will reconvene on September 17th to consider an on-campus start date for the second quarter.

Didn’t the governor order schools to start on August 17th?

No. Beginning August 17th, the governor has ordered all district and charter schools to provide on-site distance learning services during regular school hours for enrolled students who have nowhere else to go or have other specific needs (e.g. no internet service). This is not teacher-directed, in-person instruction, which is not currently allowed under the benchmarks.

What is the difference between in-person, teacher-directed instruction and on-site distance learning services?

The on-site distance learning program is a safe area for students to do their online learning. It provides general supervision, not in-person teaching/tutoring.

If it is safe enough for students to be on campus, why can’t they be in their classrooms with their teacher?

We are required to offer on-site distance learning services beginning August 17th in order to receive the Education Stability Grant. We had planned to offer those services by providing teacher-directed instruction. However, the state is making a distinction between students being on-campus (required if the parent requests it) and students being in front of the teacher (not currently allowed under the benchmarks).

What? That doesn’t make sense!

We agree.

Can you please describe the On-site Distance Learning Program?

Students must come in dress-code, wear a face mask, and will be symptom and temperature checked before entry. Before a student is admitted to the Nest each day, the school will also make sure the student has their required items, including: their own charged device (either the school-provided Chromebook or their own device), a headset, 2 facemasks, lunch, water bottle, and any needed school supplies. We are still determining if students must be signed-in to the program each day by someone from their Emergency Contact Form. Students will not be admitted after 8:05 am and must be signed out of the front office if they leave before the end of the school day.

Students will spend the day in the Nest, seated 6 ft away from others and wearing a face mask, and will log-into their classes and do their work according to their class schedule, just as they would at home. Students will be monitored by a Pointe employee. Classroom teachers will continue to teach their classes online, from their own classrooms. Students will not be allowed into the main campus or into the teachers’ classrooms.

Lunch: Students must provide their own lunch and their own water bottles (drinking fountains will not be accessible).

This program is not “childcare” and it is not “regular school.” Rather, it is a safe place where students can independently complete their work with access to the internet.  Teachers will continue to be available via Zoom and will not be in the Nest.  Students should not use this program just so they can be with their friends – it is for families who need the service.

How do I register my student for the On-Site Distance Learning Program? 

We will email all families the link to the Registration form tomorrow (8/12). Families need to register by August 13th (by noon) for the week of 8/17, and by August 17th (by noon) for the remainder of the first quarter.


FAQs (Current Top 10)

When will the schedules be available and will they be emailed?

Schedules will be available on FamilyLink on Wednesday, July 29th by 9:00 am.

How do we update our contact forms like we usually do at Welcome Week? 

On FamilyLink, you will be able to see what contact information we have on file. Please email changes to records@pointeschools.org. The annual forms will also be available on FamilyLink (on Wednesday, July 29th by 9:00 am).

Is it possible to send forms and emails to the students as well as the parents?

Beginning next week, we will be sending important information to both parents and students (through their school email). Grade-level announcements will also be made through grade level Google Classrooms (7th grade, 12th grade, etc).

How are online classes going to be structured? Will there be certain hours they need to be on?

North Pointe’s online learning has been designed to as closely mirror the regular school day as possible, so students can easily transition between online and on-campus, and to minimize the need to hire additional teachers. Student will follow their regular schedule and teachers will take attendance each period through Zoom or Google Meets (teachers have a choice of which platform they use).

If they do online learning for the 1st quarter will they be able to participate in sports and or after school programs if they still want to? 


Will we be able to choose online learning until we deem it safe for our children to return to on-campus learning?

Yes. We will be providing online classes for the entire 2020-2021 school year.

If we choose to do online later on, can we? 


If my child does online classes and I’m not able to help, will he be able to get ahold of the teacher for any questions he has?? I am not ready for him to go back to school but am worried he might fall behind.

Online students will still follow their regular schedule, so they will have daily access to their teachers.  Teachers will also be available for tutoring from 2:35 – 3:25 Monday – Thursday. Parents will not be “homeschooling” North Pointe students who do online classes.

What resources are available for kids who are struggling with learning online if they need help?

Online students will “attend class” via Zoom or Google Meets, so they have the same access to teachers that they have when they are on-campus. In addition, students can e-mail their teachers directly and attend after-school tutoring sessions via Zoom.

When you start on-campus again, are you requiring kids to wear masks? I’m a parent who does not believe in masks.

Phoenix and Maricopa County both require anyone over the age of 6 to wear masks in public. Therefore, students on campus are required to wear masks.


2020-2021 School Year

North Pointe Family,

Thank you for your patience as we navigate the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year. We are still waiting on guidance from the State Board for Charter Schools and the Governor’s office, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to get you information about what we know so far. I also need to get information from you to help us plan for the upcoming year – so, at the bottom of this email, there is a link to a form we need you to fill out for every enrolled student.

North Pointe’s 2020-2021 school year begins online for all students on August 3, 2020 and will be online at least through August 14th. Governor Ducey’s current order allows schools to begin on-campus classes on August 17th, but that is “aspirational” and may be moved back.

During the 2020-2021 school year, North Pointe will provide online classes for any enrolled student who requests online instruction, even while we offer on-campus classes. Please note that the online classes will be more structured than they were in the spring, with attendance requirements and academic standards that align with our on-campus classes. The online classes will be structured for students to be able to seamlessly transition back into the classroom.

As soon as we are allowed to open on-campus, our goal is to provide our traditional classes on our traditional schedule for all students who are comfortable being at school. However, if the majority of our families choose on-campus learning and we need to keep desks 3-6 feet apart, we’ll need to get creative and stagger on-campus schedules. If we need to reduce class sizes, one possibility is for half the students to be on-campus M/W and online T/TH/F and the other half to be on-campus T/TH and online M/W/F. Before we decide if a staggered schedule is necessary, we need to know how many students want to attend on-campus classes as soon as they are offered.

Therefore, please complete the form (linked below) to notify North Pointe whether your student will be attending on-campus or online for the first quarter of the 2020-2021 school year (from August 3 – October 2nd). This is also where you can request a Chromebook for the first two weeks of school or for the first quarter (if you select online learning). Please fill out one form per student (not one per family).

Link to form: https://forms.gle/YTgPbuMqVS3hUz6r7 

I will be following up with another email about how we will do Welcome Week this year – obviously, we need to adjust what we usually do.

As always, please email me with any questions/concerns.


Dr. Jody Williamson
Principal, North Pointe Prep
Superintendent, Pointe Schools

Upcoming School Year

North Pointe’s faculty and staff met Monday morning (in-person and on Zoom) to discuss the upcoming school year in light of the Governor’s Executive Order delaying the beginning of in-person classes until August 17, 2020.

We will begin the new school year as-scheduled on August 3, 2020 with distance learning for all students. Based on the way the school closures were repeatedly extended this spring and with Arizona’s COVID rates continuing to increase, we do not believe we can count on being allowed to start in-person classes on August 17th. Although distance learning is not an ideal way to start the year, it allows us to keep our current calendar, so our families have more certainty.

We’re still working out many details, but here are some things we know for sure:

  • We are committed to providing in-person, on-campus learning as soon as we are allowed to do so. Students need to be connected with their peers and teachers.
  • We are also committed to providing quality distance learning for students who need it this year, whether they are quarantining, have pre-existing conditions that make them more vulnerable to COVID-19, or simply don’t feel safe being on campus, yet.
  • Distance learning will be structured differently than it was this past spring.
    • We will be taking daily attendance and requiring more time and engagement from students.
    • Students will need access to a computer and the internet to access Google Classrooms, our main platform for distance learning.
  • We should have enough Chromebooks to check out to students who need them.
    • We used Pointe’s Emergency Relief Fund money to pay off the leased Chromebooks and to purchase additional Chromebooks.
    • Although we still won’t have enough computers to provide one to every student, we should have enough to check out to students who don’t have access to a computer at home.
    • We’re still working on a solution for students who don’t have internet access at home.
  • We will have on-campus “Orientation Camps” for incoming 7th graders and new students in grades 8-12. These camps will probably take place during Welcome Week (July 27-31). I’ll send out the schedule as soon as it is finalized.
  • We are still committed to providing students with Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Activities – and will provide as much of that in-person as allowed.

As it gets closer to Welcome Week, I’ll send out a survey to find out which families need to check out computers and which families want to be scheduled for at-home learning after we are allowed to begin on-campus classes.

These are unprecedented times and there are no perfect solutions. I know there are many more details to be worked out, but I wanted to make sure you have as much information as possible.

Please feel free to e-mail me (jwilliamson@pointeschools.org) or call the school with your thoughts and concerns (office hours are still 9:00 – 12:00 Monday – Thursday).


Dr. Williamson